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TAGinn Rounds/Gear

  • TAGinn - TAG-19 Airsoft Hand Grenade 6 Pack

    TAGinn - TAG-19 Airsoft Hand Grenade 6 Pack This MilSim pyrotechnical hand grenade has the well-known RGD5 Russian frag grenade shape. As well as TAG67 grenade, it has multiple biodegradable BBs mixed with the PEG component in order to avoid noises of...

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  • TAGINN AFG-6 (6-Pack) / Pea Grenade

    Taginn AFG-6 (6-Pack) / Pea Grenade This pack contains FIFTY of the AFG-6 airsoft Flash-bang Pea hand grenades. The AFG-6 is a training/airsoft grenade which completely disintegrates on detonation, releasing a medium flash, loud report and around 250...

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  • HPA conversion kit for TAG-ML36

    HPA conversion kit for TAG-ML36 13CI compressed air tank with 950PSI regulator, Air supply adapter with on/off and degasing function, nozzle plate, adjustable aiming device with folding leaf calibrated for the current model of HPA ballistics,...

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  • TAGinn Flexi Belt

    TAGinn Flexi Belt

    TAGinn Flexi Belt This magnet-locking flexible waist belt is the most comfortable solution to keep your pants in their place. It won't restrict you either while driving, crawling, or after a good meal. In order to lock the belt, you simply set both...

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  • Standalone chassis for TAG-ML36

    Standalone chassis for TAG-ML36 This device is a highly effective and smart platform for your TAG-ML36 grenade launcher. The purpose of this chassis is not only to make the TAG-ML36 independent of your primary weapon, but also to extend aiming...

  • TAGinn Shell EVO CO2 Launching Device

    TAGinn Shell EVO CO2 Launching Device 1 “shell” – packed in a small carton box. The launching shells are made for throwing our projectiles from paintball and airsoft launchers without any modifications. We have upgrades and...

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