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TAG Rounds

  • Standalone chassis for TAG-ML36

    Standalone chassis for TAG-ML36 This device is a highly effective and smart platform for your TAG-ML36 grenade launcher. The purpose of this chassis is not only to make the TAG-ML36 independent of your primary weapon, but also to extend aiming...

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  • TAGinn Shell EVO CO2 Launching Device

    TAGinn Shell EVO CO2 Launching Device 1 “shell” – packed in a small carton box. The launching shells are made for throwing our projectiles from paintball and airsoft launchers without any modifications. We have upgrades and...

  • TAGinn FIST2 CO2 Filling Station

    “FiSt-2” – is the filling station for “Shell-HPA”, “Shell-PRO EVO” and “Shell Multi-R”. This fully redesigned filling adapter has several important improvements: • The sealing method has changed,...

  • Launcher – “Shell - Multi Range”

    Launcher – “Shell - Multi Range” Now, with Shell Multi-Range, you can have a full control of the shot’s trajectory. Shell Multi-Range letting you to set an exact distance of the shot, by increasing or decreasing its power...

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  • SALE

    TAG Shell Launcher - "Shell PRO"

    TAG Shell Launcher - "Shell PRO" - 015 Project Heavy duty launching device - “Shell-Pro”™. Full CNC, made of extremely durable aviation polymer barrel and tempered stainless steel pneumatic mechanism – making this device the...

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  • TAG Filling Station - FIST

    TAGGIN Filling Station - "FiSt" Filling Station – “FiSt”™. Designed for filling a new “015 project” launching devices ““VOG-Shell”™ and “Shell-Pro”™ using a 12g CO2 cartridges...

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  • TAG ML36 Casings for MK2 Ammo - 12

    TAG ML36 Casings for MK2 Ammo These reusable cases are necessary for shooting TAGinn projectiles out of the TAG-ML36 grenade launcher. After each shot, you will need to remove a case same way you would do it in a real life.   During the game or...

  • TAG ML36 Buckshot Round - 10 Rounds

    “Master Key” round for ML36. This is a buckshot round filled by about 75 BBs. It gives you a possibility to be effective in CQB environment with your TAG-ML36 launcher. 30 meters of effective distance. Disposable.

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  •  TAG-ML36 Grenade Launcher

    TAG-ML36 Grenade Launcher

    "TAG-ML36" Grenade Launcher The TAG-ML36 Grenade Launcher with its rifled TAGinn barrel is a shell-less launcher that fires TAGinn projectiles directly without the need of any launching "Shell". The TAG-ML36 is a mutual project of TAGinn...

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